NYC Cats Direct

Digital Music Productions 1986

1. Free Lunch 7:16
2. Moroccan Nights 6:41
3. The Chant 6:31
4. Mr. Music 7:00
5. Honky Tonk (Part ) 3:44
6. Just Blue 8:18
7. NYC Direct 7:20
8. Tambourine 8:46
9. Super Ascension 7:07

Total time: 63:03

John Tropea guitar
Jack Cavari guitar
David Spinozza guitar
Warren Bernhardt piano, DX-7, Prophet, organ

Don Grolnick Rhodes
Tom McFaul Rhodes
Richard Tee acoustic piano, DX-7,
Lew Delgatto flute,tenor sax,

Lou Marini tenor sax, flute,
George Young flute, tenor sax
Anthony Jackson bass
Neil Jason bass
Steve Gadd drums
Alan Swartzberg drums, shaker
Jimmy Maelen percusson

Produced and edited by John Tropea and Tom Jung

Recorded direct-to-digital by Tom Jung at Clinton Recording, New York, October 4 and 5, 1985, Assisted by Rebecca Everett at Soundtrak, New York on November 23, 1985. Assisted Scott James and TJ's on November 26, 1985. Direct digital transfer was made using the Studer SFC-16 sampling frequency converter by Mike Ellis of DAC

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